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This digital release would be a nice bonus to Soul Saliva if it were free, but at a price of nine Euros, it’s a bit expensive for a bunch of songs most fans would already own. The EP begins with their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a dark and menacing reimagining of the classic. If you bought Soul Saliva , you have this song. There are two remixes of “And Scream,” one by Noblesse Oblige and the Anoymous Dream remix by Ralph Maten. The original was an ecstatic ride of emotions and gorgeous instrumentals including piano and a string section. Both mixes strip away all the instruments and replace them with programmed beats and electronic melodies. Although the focus is more on the vocals, it feels like the soul of the piece has been eliminated along with the cellos. But they’re more generically danceable, so some might see that as a good thing.

The LoveCrave - CrisalideThe LoveCrave - CrisalideThe LoveCrave - CrisalideThe LoveCrave - Crisalide